Right is right and wrong is wrong, according to one Florida mother who turned in her own son to police for stealing an elderly woman’s car.

Ramona Gordon saw her 14-year-old son, Shaquille Dixon, on television with two of his friends, all three accused of carjacking a woman outside of a local Walmart. She then proceeded to call the police.

“His grandmother is the same age, and that’s what I said to him,” Gordon told WSVN. “That’s like the age of your grandma. How could you?’”

The teen confessed to the armed carjacking. Dixon’s two friends have also been arrested.

The three teenagers reportedly followed the woman from inside the chain store to the parking lot, held her up at gunpoint, and almost ran over the 81-year-old while trying to escape.

“It is really difficult for me. I turned my son in. I do not condone anything like this,” Gordon said. “When I saw it, he wasn’t aware that he was on TV. I called the police right away and had them come and get him. The boys instigated and all of that.”