More than one decade after dropping the infectious, Grammy and Billboard award winning hit "The Boy is Mine," Monica and Brandy have joined forces yet again to bring us a sequel to the catty track sung all around the world. "All Belongs to Me" features the two singers teaming up against their men this time, telling them to hit the road but not before leaving the women's items behind. "I know you mad, can't take no more/ But put that back, that ain't yours/ Have a fit, slam the door but leave them bags on the floor/ That s**t belongs to me" sings Brandy.

Highly reminiscent of the famous mantra "to the left, to the left," the new single was produced and written by Rico Love, who lays a steady thumping drum beat over the piano and guitar driven sound. And, while listeners had their ears cocked and ready for a song as undeniably fresh as the duo's first hit, the song only comes off as decent in the shadow of its widely popular predecessor, proving that lighting may not strike the same spot twice. Nonetheless, the ladies will be featuring the track on their upcoming spring albums, both of which are slated for March dates.

Will "All Belongs to Me" prove to be as catchy as "The Boy is Mine?" Or should some good things just be left as they are?