T.I. explained to his son, King, and Monica's sons Rocko and Melo, the importance of supporting brands that respect their culture, during a recent episode ofT.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle.

The boys appeared in front of their parents with a business presentation to help secure money to start a sneaker pop-up shop that also sells bags and frozen treats.

During the pitch, a slide with a Gucci bag was shown to the group. T.I. quickly interrupted the slide show to illustrate why the boys should boycott the Italian fashion house.

"Now, you off to a good start but you got to support brands that support you," the rap mogul said.

"Gucci specifically is on thin ice with hot skates," he said in reference to the blackface controversy that occurred in February.

In response, Melo slid to the floor to remove his Gucci bomber jacket. The room laughed after realizing what Monica's youngest son was doing.

"You have on an entire Gucci outfit Melo," the singer revealed, but T.I. told him it was "alright" since he didn't know about the blackface sweater.

In the following confessional, Melo asked King why he didn't let him know that his father didn't like the high fashion brand.

"Because you are in the new generation and everybody's on Instagram and they know," King said.

Watch the clip below.