Mo'Nique paid her good friend Steve Harvey a visit this week on his NBC talk show, Steve. During her appearance, the two comics discussed her being blackballed by the industry and Harvey offered his "little sister" some advice.

He explained that as Black people within the industry, truth can often have repercussions. Because of that, Black celebrities must be more strategic in how they confront their issues or risk going without a paycheck.

Mo’Nique then asserted that she places integrity over money, to which the Think Like a Man author said, "I cannot, for the sake of my integrity, stand up here and let everybody that's counting on me crumble so I can make a statement."

While some viewers understood Harvey's perspective, many questioned his mentality immediately, creating videos and memes calling him out for the suggestion of putting money before integrity. Since her appearance on the show, Mo'Nique has reposted two of those videos.

She first shared a clip of Muhammad Ali discussing how he would never compromise his community for financial gain, with the header reading, "Ya'll think Steve Harvey need to hear this?" Mo added, "I JUST HAD TO REPOST THIS. THIS IS FOR ANYBODY PUTTING MONEY FIRST AND NOT THE LOVE OF YOUR PEOPLE. I LOVE US FOR REAL!!!!!!"

She later posted a video juxtaposing their conversation with a scene from Roots. The caption broke down the definition of "selling out."

The stand-up added to her second post as well, writing, "THIS GAVE ME CHILLS! WHAT HAS CHANGED!!! Y’all I LOVE US 4 REAL!!! WE DESERVE TO LOVE US BETTER!"

She also made it clear during part two of their discussion that she agrees to disagree with the Family Feud host and holds no hard feelings.