Mo’Nique is pressing forward with her call for a Netflix boycott due to gender and racial bias, recently promoting her cause while addressing detractor Charlamagne Tha God on hit morning show, The Breakfast Club.

During her appearance, the stand-up and radio personality simply couldn’t see eye-to-eye, with the South Carolina native arguing the Oscar-winner currently isn’t bankable enough to garner a large check from the streaming service. Unable to name one Black female comic worth it in his eyes, Mo’Nique accused the author of ignoring the accomplishments and plight of women of color, a point she hammered home in a new interview.

While speaking with AFRO, Mo’Nique addresses the viral interview, saying Charlamagne has no problem tearing down Black women while doing “the work of the master.”

“I know what it is to be protected by our Black men because I have one. And I was sitting there watching that young brother do the work of ‘I will belittle, demean, degrade. I will do the work of the master,’” she said.

“I’ve watched other interviews he’s had with sisters — Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim — and you watch this brother have a devaluing of his sisters.”

She also addressed those who question her methods, saying she knows she is ultimately doing the right thing.

“For me, everything in my body says this is what you’re supposed to be doing. There are people saying ‘oh, I’m nervous for Mo’Nique. You know, what if this blackballs her even more?’ And what I say to people: I sleep really good at night,” she said. “And I have a great time with my family because I’m not fearful.”

Check out the full interview at AFRO.