UPDATE: 2/23/2018

Power 105’s The Breakfast Club has released the official video of its recent interview with comedian Mo’Nique. Check out the tense Q&A below, and scroll down even farther to see Mo’Nique’s unedited live stream of the same conversation.


Mo’Nique recently took her campaign to boycott Netflix to The Breakfast Club, where she confronted host Charlamagne over being labeled “Donkey of the Day.”

Last month, the radio personality gave bestowed “DOTD” upon the comedian after she requested that fans boycott the streaming service for offering her $500,000 for a special while offering Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle and Amy Schumer multimillion-dollar deals. Charlamagne argued that in a “what have you done for me lately” culture, Rock, Chappelle and Schumer are simply more valuable and would be more likely to bring in big numbers.

Instead of waiting for the Power 105 team to edit the interview, which usually drops the following day, Mo’Nique streamed the conversation live on Twitter, so fans could see the full dialogue. After listening to Charlamagne’s argument, she went on to wax poetic about women’s equality while calling the DJ by his legal name, Lenard McKelvey.

“What happens is, when you’re basing off of what you’re assuming,” she states at the 9:05 mark, “And then you give me a title of Donkey of the Day … Is your mother still alive? … And you’re from what city in South Carolina? … Moncks Corner, South Carolina. And if I was to call your mother or your grandmother would they tell me stories of inequality that they had to deal with? … So would your mother be a donkey? Would your grandmother be a donkey?”

She went on, “What that says is that you don’t know the history of the business that you’re in, and you sit behind this microphone and you try to be the guru of Black culture. I’m gonna need you to know the history of us before you begin to label us. And once you know the history, you know I’m not saying anything unique, brother.”

Check out the Q&A below.