Comedian Mo’Nique was interviewed on Power 106’s The Cruz Show and suggested that Kevin Hart and Katt Williams get over their differences and work together.

“I cannot wait for the day that there is a movie coming out starring Kevin Hart and Katt Williams,” Mo’Nique said. “They are two brilliant comedian geniuses, so I cannot wait for that moment.”

Hart called out Williams last month over comments about his Night School co-star Tiffany Haddish. The Father Figures star has since challenged Hart to a battle and threatened to fight him.

Mo’Nique connected the bickering to race. The Oscar winner said White celebrities are all allowed to function in their roles without comparison; Black stars, however, are taught to vie for the No. 1 title.

“The moment we get out of fighting for the top spot and just have a good time in your spot, we ain’t got to worry about fighting,” the comedian said.

Mo’Nique used Cardi B and Nicki Minaj’s NYFW altercation to hone in on the message.

“Let’s not allow society to make us fight one another when we’re so talented all in our own rights,” she added.