On the heels of her viral interview with The Breakfast Club, comedian and award-winning actress Mo’Nique congratulated fellow funny woman Tiffany Haddish on signing her first deal with Netflix.

Haddish, who has since appeared in the 2017 comedic summer hit Girls Trip, landed her own standup with Showtime and released The New York Times best-selling book, The Last Black Unicorn, said she secured the deal with the streaming service before Mo’Nique went public and complained of racism and gender bias when being offered deals with the service.

Last month, the veteran entertainer took to Instagram and requested that fans join her in boycotting Netflix after they reportedly offered her $500,000 for a comedy special. She has since continued to express feelings of being low-balled by the company compared with multimillion-dollar payouts received by Amy Schumer, Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle.

No word on how much Haddish will get paid off her deal with Netflix, but Mo’Nique did appear to not hold any ill will against the star for her decision.

Congratulations, Ms. Haddish.