Mo’Nique’s recent trip to ABC’s The View found the actress having a debate with fellow funny lady, Whoopi Goldberg. While discussing her current Netflix boycott and her issues with some of Black Hollywood’s biggest names, Goldberg claimed she could’ve “schooled” the Oscar-winner in the ways of the industry.

The pair seemingly agreed to disagree on stage, with Goldberg approaching the stand-up for a one-on-one conversation once filming wrapped. Once backstage, Mo’Nique claims Goldberg suggested that her husband and manager, Sidney Hicks, is the root of most of her issues.

Mo'Nique Sidney Hicks

“She said, ‘Listen from the first time I saw you, I loved you,’” Mo’Nique revealed on her Open Relationship podcast. “’So, I’m going to tell you right now you’ve got to take some of this responsibility and the real problem is Mo’Nique – you’re being ill advised, you’re not thinking for yourself and the real problem is your husband.’

The comic then came to her husband’s defense, saying she’s dealt with the “big White manager,” the “big white agent,” and others considered to be the best of the best, who’ve all ended up swindling her over the years.

“I said, ‘Sister let me tell you about my husband, because you’re misinformed and you’re making statements that you really don’t know what you’re talking about,” responded the former sit-com star. “‘See I’ve had the big white manager, the big white agent, I’ve had the big attorney firm, all in Hollywood…I would watch those people cheat me and they would say to me, ‘We’ll get them the next time Mo’Nique.’ I said the reason why my husband is considered to be a problem is when we’re in those meetings with those executives, they can’t answer his questions.”

Check out the clip from the podcast below.