Blue Kimble, the star of Monogamy, a scripted web series about unconventional couples therapy, gives his reaction to Lifetime’s Seven Year Switch, a reality show in which people participate in partner-switch therapy to try to save their marriages.

In a segment with Kinetic TV shared on July 18, Kimble details the plot of his show. “It’s a great concept… . It’s about four couples all on the verge of facing divorce, so they decide to undergo a special experiment, couple-swapping therapy.” Through the extreme test, “you get to decide if the grass is greener on the other side or you realize you really love your husband, wife, [or] spouse.”

The “pretty juicy and dramatic” situation is the real-life station of the couples who were cast in the third season of Seven Year Switch. Art often imitates life and Kimble is intrigued by the show and goes on to compare and contrast the reality series and the show he stars in Monogamy.

Watch the video above to get Kimble’s real-time reactions. The second episode of Seven Year Switch airs July 24.