There was a time when getting married and then having children was not only expected, but the national norm. A new study by Child Trends shows that things have surely changed in the traditional trajectory of the American family. More than 50 percent of the women under 30 who've given birth are single. While racial disparities still remain, the study found that White women in their 20's are leading the trend. 

Co-habitation is stated as the main reason behind the generational surge, but unlike other countries, these same couples tend to breakup before the child is even 10. Conservatives will be happy to know that 59 percent of childbirths occurred with married couples, but the numbers do set the stage for debate. Research across the board shows that children fare better in two parent homes, but with adults waiting longer to get married, or never planning to, it will be interesting how this affects the future of America.

Should Generation Y be more concerned with marriage or is this trend nothing to worry about?