EBONY’s final installment of our Instagram Live series Morning Mindset With Tai: Moving YOU Forward  got us in the mood to win with an engaging tutorial on building wealth with actor and philanthropist Hill Harper and lifestyle guru Tai Beauchamp.

Through an informative 30 minute midday discourse, Harper and Beauchamp discussed the importance of investing in our community and how financial literacy can improve our quality of life. Here are three significant takeaways from the week-long series' finale.

Invest and spend within the Black community

The Black dollar is a powerful asset in the struggle to liberate our community from systemic injustices. Because the spending power of Black people is so great in magnitude, the more we shift our habits to intentionally support Black-owned businesses and goods, the better off we will collectively become.

Always aim for ownership

Historically, the inability of Black Americans to have ownership of anything has been detrimental to our collective progression in this country. In an effort to build generational wealth while flexing the power of our community's strength, ownership is a way to establish an additional stream of income and create foundational stability for generations to come.

Look into types of digital currency

As the world continues to evolve, our society continues to lean into digital platforms and resources. With the rise of cryptocurrency, Hill Harper created The Black Wall Street app to keep up with this change in culture. His app is the world’s first Black-owned digital wallet and exchange system which gives the Black community a gateway into the virtual transformation of investing. The app is also provides education in investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a means to empower the financially-excluded and confront the racial wealth gap.

To explore additional financial wellness tips, visit the Morning Mindset hub on EBONY.com to access the The Wealth Building Mindset Worksheet and continue the work to level up your bank account.

And for those who missed the Instagram Live session with Tai Beauchamp and Hill Harper, we got you. Watch the video below and reflect on their message of investing in your future as a means for attracting true wealth.