EBONY’s Instagram Live series Morning Mindset with Tai: Moving YOU Forward  got our day started with an insightful dialogue with the award-winning singer and spiritual leader Pastor Mike Jr and the lifestyle guru Tai Beauchamp. The conversation encapsulated the importance of centering ourselves by tapping into the relationship and synthesis between the mind, a higher power, and the universe. Additionally, the EBONY community learned how a spiritual connection can positively direct their thoughts.

As the two led viewers through a guided exploration of divinity and its connection to the world, they imparted wisdom through life experience and spiritual reference. Here are the major takeaways from the second installment of Morning Mindset powered by EBONY:

Belief in a higher power is crucial for our community and culture.

Pastor Mike Jr. shared an anecdote that in the midst of his excitement for participating in his series, his phone never charged and ended up draining down to 2% since it was not connected to a power outlet, which he thought it was. This story is an analogy for his view of the world today. We may look powerful or like we are charged up but in actuality we lack connection to true power, a higher power. This connectivity is important for our community since the belief and hope in something greater has historically gotten us through tough times.

You can’t evangelize and criticize folks.

As it is important to reach people where they are at so that they see themselves reflected in the messages being relayed, we cannot get caught up in outward aesthetic and forget to connect with the hearts and minds of others. Pastor Mike Jr. shared with Tai that one of the things he loves most about his church, Rock City Church, is that they follow a "come as you are" mentality. This encourages people from all backgrounds to worship and feel comfortable in the presence of praise, no matter what they look like.

If it keeps you up at night, run to it.

Pastor Mike Jr. talked about how most people have a tendency to run toward their passions but walk toward their purpose. It can be difficult to center in on your true purpose but if there is something in life that causes us grief, working toward a solution to that feeling is how we step into our purpose.

You can’t be too afraid of the fire that you don’t jump to safer ground.

The hope that comes from total faith on the opposite side of fear allows us to take risks for the sake of stepping into our power. When we fail to believe in ourselves and in a higher power, we lose ourselves in the flames—which can lead us to great detriment.

If you want to further explore tapping into your inner greatness, visit the Morning Mindset hub on EBONY.com to access the Divine Connectivity Worksheet to continue the work on answering your higher calling.

And for those who missed the Instagram Live session with Tai Beauchamp and Pastor Mike Jr., we got you. Watch the video below and sit with their message of purposeful mindfulness at your own will.