EBONY's Instagram Live series Morning Mindset with Tai: Moving YOU Forward launched today with an insightful dialogue with the Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter MAJOR.

Host Tai Beauchamp opened up the space with intentionality by elaborating on the purpose and mission of the Morning Mindset series. She focused on centering hearts and spirits and connecting with the community. MAJOR and her instantaneously gushed over their pride for one another, creating an immediate sense of safety for all who tuned in.

The Los-Angeles-based recording artist then dropped a multitude of motivational gems as he shared details into the moment that he knew that he was destined for a life of great purpose; and, how he aligned it through honing his passions which, in turn, manifested into his own sense of power.

Below are four key takeaways from the inaugural installment of Morning Mindset: Moving YOU Forward powered by EBONY:

God, the Creator, doesn’t want us to move in anything in life that does not stir excitement.

Our God is one of balance who does not intend for us to pour our all into outlets that do not reciprocate that same effort. Thus, not every assignment is meant for us. The alignment with our respective assignments is most important. Most specifically, having divine alignment with our Assigner, the Almighty, brings us closer to ultimate fulfillment.

Daily realignment is important.

The purpose of a “season” might just simply be seasonal. So, understanding our individual purpose allows us to prevent getting caught within the chase of following trends of popularity.

Committing to your purpose can be lonely.

When you block out the additional noise to focus on your purpose, you may find yourself feeling isolated. However, fear not; use this time to drill in on your divine assignment and path.

Start with your "why."

To better tune to your "why," practice balance and becoming absolute with the calling that improves the circumstances of your surroundings for the sake of your community and yourself.

And, in the spirit of growth and development visit the Morning Mindset hub on EBONY.com to access themed worksheets to continue the work on becoming your best self. The Your Purpose, Passion, Power Worksheet is available to download now.

Lastly, if you missed the Instagram Live session with Tai and MAJOR, we got you. Watch the video below to meditate on their message of purposeful mindfulness at your own will.