EBONY’s Instagram Live series Morning Mindset With Tai: Moving YOU Forward  jump started our day with a moving conversation with international motivational speaker and TV personality Bershan Shaw and the lifestyle guru Tai Beauchamp.

This session centered on understanding the importance of honoring yourself by leaning into self-care and self-love as a tool for personal growth. During the course of the Instagram Live, both Tai and Bershan highlighted how the process to self-love is unique and different for each person but an essential process to go through.

Here are some activities to try on your journey to self-love acceptance straight from the third installment of Morning Mindset powered by EBONY:

Affirm yourself daily

Bershan shared that every day, she starts with repeating approximately 100 affirmations to herselfto give her strength and confidence to endure all challenges. Affirmations not only allow you to become empowered but also help you alleviate negativity from your thought patterns.

Focus on envisioning the life you want to live

Creative visualization, through the use of vision boards and manifestation journals, allow us to conceive our ideal future. Moreover, it creates an outlet for us to assert what we like out of life and what we want for ourselves.

Change is a choice

It can be challenging to face the aspects of our lives that make us uncomfortable. Confronting these issues may bring about pain, fear and grief that we would much rather avoid. However, the only way to true joy and peace is working through those tough moments. So, if you wish to change your circumstance, make the decision to address the things in your life that you don't like and alter the situation. It requires you to do the work to show up different.

Push the elevator down to bring someone else up.

Sometimes, the greatest act of love that we can show is extending a hand to someone else. When we extend the compassion and empathy we would like to receive ourselves, it is ultimately returned tenfold. As humans, we are not meant to travel through life by ourselves. Therefore, by opening up to care for others, we, in turn, are gifted with the greatest examples of love.

To further explore tapping into your inner greatness, visit the Morning Mindset hub on EBONY.com to access the Self-Love, Self-Care Worksheet to continue the work to maximize your personal growth.

And for those who missed the Instagram Live session with Tai Beauchamp and Bershan Shaw, we got you. Watch the video below and reflect on their message of self-love as a means for practicing self-care at your own will.