Morris Chestnut was on the scene for this year’s Essence Music Festival, hosting a party and appearing at speaking engagements. The beloved actor will star in The Best Man: Holiday later this year, and took time out to discuss the movie and his experience as a dark-skinned man in Hollywood with Hello Beautiful.

When asked if dark men face the same type of discrimination that dark-skinned women like Gabrielle Union speak of, he said “You’re talking to the right person because when I was coming up, it was all about Prince, Michael Jackson, Jesse Jackson. So it was really difficult for me coming up. Matter of fact, my first production company was called ‘Dark Skin Productions,” because it was difficult breaking in. And then, Wesley Snipes broke through and he opened it up for us dark-skinned brothers. Some of my boys, Shemar Moore, they’re light-skinned and they get theirs too. There’s enough for everybody.”