Most teens celebrate their 16th birthday with lavish celebrations and receive huge gifts from their parents. One mother recently gifted her daughter a beauty business in celebration of her milestone birthday.

During an interview with Black Enterprise, Dedra Phillips opened up about investing and forming Ni’Abri Beauty in honor of her daughter Nia's big day. "I thought to myself, I can always buy her a car. A business, however, could teach her many valuable lessons such as how to lead, build a vision, time-management, team building, marketing, budgeting, investing, managing finances, customer service and so much more."

Highlighting the lasting impact of owning a business, Phillips continued, "To be 16 years old and learn these types of lessons is invaluable. It will serve her for the rest of her life. That is why I chose a business."

The proud mother said her daughter's interest in business stemmed her stressing the importance of financial literacy and generational wealth.

Nia, a newly minted entrepreneur, was stunned by her mother's gift. "My initial reaction when Mom presented me with the business at my party was 'Whaaat!,'" the teen recounted. "I really thought I was going to get a car for my birthday, but a business is so much better."

Opening up about her beauty essential brand, Nia said, "Every product is named with a 'character trait.' I want to inspire people to embrace positive things about themselves. This world is full of negative messages. When someone purchases a lip gloss from my company, it comes with a card that describes the character trait of the product purchased, along with a special inspirational message from me."

Offering words of encouragement to aspiring entrepreneurs, Nia said, "Never be afraid to chase your dreams. As corny as it sounds, the business world is extremely male-dominated, which could be a mental setback for females (especially women of color) who wish to become entrepreneurs. My advice is to work to get past that mental setback and push forward to become the entrepreneur, businesswoman, and fantastic boss you want to be."

Ni'Abri Beauty offers essentials such as lip gloss, matte liquid lipstick, 3D lashes and nail polish. Click here for more information on the brand.