Mother’s Day is one of the sweetest holidays where we showcase love and appreciation to that special woman in our lives. If its anything we’ve learned over the years, it’s to listen to our mothers because, “Mama Knows Best” isn’t just a catchy saying.

In honor of the approaching holiday, Allure asked a few of our favorite gals to share the beauty advice their very own mothers passed down to them. And while some would expect the usual norms like “clean your face before bed, all of the below responses are special gems. Take a look.

Photo: Oprah’s Instagram

“I wouldn’t say my mother taught me. I would say life taught me, I would say being raised in Mississippi by my grandmother taught me.”

Photo: Iman’s Instagram

“She always said character will take you farther than looks. And education, especially when you’re from a third world country — education, education, education.”

Photo: Laverne Cox Instagram

“Gloria Cox, my mother, is such an amazing example of courage and moral fortitude, and how to be an exemplary human being. But also how to work hard and do it with elegance and style and a little bit of humor.”

Photo: Kerry Washington’s Instagram

“I think the big thing is that my mom is brilliant and she always really kept the focus on the beautification of your mind and spirit, and the rest will come.”

Photo: Tina Lawson Instagram

“My mother taught me that beauty was more important on the inside. As far as glamour goes, just be as glamorous as you can. You can’t be too glamorous. And, yes, I tried to impart that to my children. First of all, I tell them all the time that beauty comes from within, which sounds like a cliché, but it’s the truest thing ever. And just to have fun and wear what they like and be free.”


Photo: Rosario Dawson Instagram

“My mom is a brick house, she just goes for it. She just does it. My mom is like the Nike symbol. Just do it!”

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