A motivational speaker looking to enjoy dinner with his wife was asked to leave a restaurant after management wanted to give his table to a white person, WFAA ABC reports.

Johnny Wimbrey said he was eating at Sambuca 360 in Plano, Texas when a manager approached him about giving up his table to one of the restaurant’s regular diners, which he declined.

“I said, ‘No I think we want to sit here. We have a great view. It’s only a table for two.’ We declined the offer respectfully,” Wimbrey said.

Wimbrey said the manager became angry and told the couple to leave, which was captured on video.


“You can pay the tab. You are leaving,” said the Sambuca manager.

When Wimbrey questioned the Sambuca manager why he had to leave the manager said, “Because I don’t like you.”

The manager called the police on the Wimbreys and then they decided to leave.

“The Plano police show up. They jump out of the car and I thought what would happen if I didn’t leave?” Wimbrey told WFAA ABC.

The motivational speaker does believe that he was asked to leave because he is Black.

He believes race was a factor in this incident.

“I do believe it’s because of who I am and how I look that they asked me to move tables,” he said.