We have watched Tamera Mowry-Housely go from teen television star to dazzling mother, author, entrepreneur, and now, television host amongst a multitude of other amazing roles. Now, she has been awarded with adding one more fabulous title; Residence Inn by Marriott’s Resident Mom of the Year 2015.   We had a chance to catch up with this gorgeous gal and expecting mom to find out everything from beauty secrets to balancing her busy schedule.

Here’s what she had to say!

EBONY: First things first, what was your initial reaction to becoming this year’s Resident Mom of the Year?

Tamera Mowry: I felt really honored to be named Residence Inn’s Resident Mom of the Year. I try so hard to be the best mom that I can be and usually I’m always thinking about how to better my son’s life. So to be recognized for being a hard working mom is amazing.

EBONY: In your opinion, what are some of the best highlights about staying at the Residence Inn?

TM: I love the family atmosphere the Residence Inn creates; it’s almost like a home away from home. Their rooms are a great size, and they come in suite styles with kitchens. I also enjoy their free grocery delivery program and their complimentary breakfast!

EBONY: I understand that you favor natural beauty remedies.  Can you recommend any specific routines that may work well for women with naturally curly hair textures?                                                                       TM: For woman with naturally curly hair, I would suggest they make sure to have a shampoo that’s sulfate free, because you don’t want it to dry out your hair, and have a great conditioner that will provide additional moisture to your hair as well. Also, a fun tip I learned from my hairdresser is to dry your hair with a paper towel instead of a regular towel. A regular bath towel will remove some of the moisture for your hair, while the paper towel does not.

EBONY: Are there any special ingredients, foods, or drinks that you feel have kept your hair and skin so beautiful while being pregnant?

TM: Avocados – they’re delicious and they have very good fat in them.  Also, eggs are great for protein, which is great for your hair.

EBONY: Are there any beauty secrets that you hope to one day pass down to your (new) daughter?

TM: Yes, of course! Drink lots of water, and don’t wear makeup all the time. When you wear makeup all the time it clogs your pores.  I would also tell her to just embrace and love her natural beauty.

EBONY: Who would you consider to be your ultimate beauty & style icon?

TM: Someone who I would consider an ultimate beauty and style icon would be Jennifer Lopez. She is absolutely ageless, and she has reinvented herself so many times throughout the years and yet is absolutely flawless and stays true to herself.

EBONY: How do you juggle being a mom, career, wife, etc.?  What’s your special secret?

TM: My special secret and my one tip to balancing all these multiple hats would be to prioritize and organize your life. It will work wonders!

EBONY: You have accomplished so much at such an early age.  Is there anything else that you would like to accomplish in the coming years?  Where do you imagine yourself to be 5 years from now?

TM: I hope to still be doing The REAL while also producing my own television show, and enjoying being a wife and mother.

Jacqueline Laurean Yates, Associate Beauty & Grooming Editor, @Livelovelaurean