Last night April 9th Mumia Abu-Jamal called Prison Radio and delivered this commentary "Of Punks, Predators, & Pigs" on the police shooting of Walter Scott in South Carolina. Honestly, my reaction when he called, was one of shock. Pam Africa was on my cell and we both said "Really Mumia, you want to work?" He said "I am a nerd what can I say". I said "Dude, come on, we love you but really, I should not even press record. He responded with a weak chuckle and said "Noelle, you damn well better record!" Mumia is reaching out to us. Now we have to reach out for him.

Today, Friday April 10th is the National Day of Action calling on people to demand that he have access to health care. Mumia is not out of danger by any means. Again his condition is very serious. He has lost 50lbs, his blood sugar levels are not stable, and he has severe chronic conditions that require immediate and adequate attention. He went from the ICU just days ago (when he was too sick to stand) back to the infirmary at the prison. He at times is too weak to stand. Remember this is the same place where his chronic but treatable conditions became nearly fatal.

Let us be clear: The prison has the duty to provide health care. Yet, the pattern and their actions are not in the direction of access and care.