AZ is a lyrical giant in hip-hop. The Brooklyn-bred artist may be wildly underrated on a mainstream level, but the streets have been rocking with “Sosa” since the 90s when mafioso flows painted vivid pictures of the New York State of mind and circumstance. 20 plus years later, the charisma, intricate rhymes and conscious gritty content still easily puts AZ in the conversation for top five emcees.

While setting up for the release of Doe or Die 2, the sequel to his 1995 debut and rocking stages around the States, “The Vizualiza” graced our audio streams with a new track and he brought some friends along!

Save Them not only features 16s from Raekwon and Prodigy but opens with, and weaves throughout, an early 2000 speech from Minister Louis Farrakhan on the topic of traitors.

Fused with soulful instrumentation, the trio gives the streets something to vibe to. Check it out below.


The Brookyln rapper’s sophomore release hits the subconscious with both blatant and metaphorical blows to the current political administration and other societal ills. The 12-track project offers a different vibe for the artists but is sonically and lyrically on point. With collaborative passes from J.Cole, ScHoolboy Q, Chronixx, Styles P, Kirk Knight and Meechy Darko, the socio-political centered album takes on everything from the Trump administration to racial injustice, while leaving room for Joey to realize he has a bigger responsibility in his artistic space. He doesn’t have all the solutions, but it’s evident he’s woke, aware and making sure that we are too.

Watch the visual for his single “Land of the Free” below and listen to the full project, here.

Mack Wilds Delivers “after 5” material

Mack Wilds, who has been on his acting game heavy with leading roles in Vh1’s The Breaks and Fox’s racially charged series Shots Fired, smooths things out with a sensual follow-up to his 2013 Grammy-nominated debut New York: A Love Story.

Afterhours delivers an emotional ride from romantic encounters to the abstractions of love (or lust). Guest appearances are made by Wale, Tink and Cam Wallace. Get cozy and comfortable because this one is sure to have you feeling some type of way.