TLC’s My 600-lb Life features individuals looking to lose massive amounts of weight in an effort to become healthier and happier people, but the program simply isn’t for everybody.

Schenee Murry Hopkins was the subject of the April 4th episode of the popular series, sharing that her issues with food began when she was molested by a cousin when she was five-years-old.

“All I remember is my mom took me to the doctor because I couldn’t use the bathroom,” she said of the aftermath. “It was hurting really bad, and that’s when she found out. Inside, I feel terrible. But I just hid all my feelings. I started sneaking food right after that incident. Food made me feel better. It made me feel happy.”

“I feel like I’m drowning in my fat,” she said on the show. “It suffocates me, and I’m very miserable.”

With the help of renowned bariatric surgeon Dr. Nowzaradan, Hopkins eventually dropped from 712lbs to 621lbs. In the end however, she decided to leave the show after 8-months and went on to block Dr. Nowzaradan’s number and TLC in general.

“She made a choice to reject all the help offered to her and do this all on her own now,” the doctor told the network.

After receiving tons of backlash for her decision, Hopkins responded via Facebook, saying God is all she needs to reach her goals.

“What’s good y’all. I’m still in Houston. I don’t know what everybody’s going crazy for but let me tell you this — I don’t [fall] for no man but God. Oh, and I’m always going to be beautiful. I hope everyone is watching this, yes. Big, beautiful, and bold. I don’t [fall] for no man.”

She also shared that she has has set up a GoFundMe page for viewers willing to help her family financially.

“I’m raising this money for a great cause. I was dragged to Houston, TX to get humiliated on national TV [and] I have been struggling every [sic] since for everything. I have a lot of hopes [and] dreams [and] one is to get better. I don’t only have weight problems, I have other health problems that’s just overlooked. So I’m team Schenee with a great husband God has blessed us this far.”