We can’t all get jiggy with an anthem that normalizes the enslavement of our ancestors. It also feels downright strange to pledge allegiance to a country that continually oppresses us.

Instagram users Jean Jacques Dessalines, kingslimm and Carlito are encouraging others to share the songs they feel a greater, more humanizing connection with. The “My National Anthem Challenge” aligned with the movement started by former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick to sit or kneel during the anthem in protest of police brutality.

In the social media challenge, users of various ethnicities post videos of themselves with their preferred anthem playing in the background as they place a hand over their heart.

The comically dramatic videos began trending on Tuesday, and singer Kehlani even got in on the challenge. Take a look at some of the posts below to see what we’d much rather stand for.



One sis got profoundly spiritual. We thought the caption was a statement but it’s a whole song and it was more than fitting for the challenge.


Some preferred to keep their anthem simple, classic and unrecorded.

Others turned to the queen of the South to pledge their allegiance.