Ready, set, summer! So cute are these glitter and glam in a bottle nail designs! This week, we caught up Indie-polish girl extraordinaire Ashley Hall, creator of GlamPaint Nail Lacquer, to get the scoop on creating your own nail polish at home. For updates on her indie polishes, follow GlamPaint on Instagram @glampaintlacquer!

The Trend: Indie polishes have taken the art of DIY to the next level. From creamy glitter pools to uniquely customized shades—the possibilities are endless. Why spend time searching for the perfect nail color when you can create it using things you have in your makeup bag? Get inspired and start creating your own indie polishes. Check out the details below:

Editor's Note: For this design, Ashley used her very own GlamPaint Lacquer in Project X ($8.00; get it here) and finished with a shiny topcoat. We like Dior Vernis Gel Coat ($24.00). To complete the look, apply Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil ($8.00).

Tools of the Trade:

·      Eye shadows in various colors

·      Several polish colors

·      Loose glitter

·      An empty nail polish bottle or container

EBONY: How did you create your polish?

Ashley Hall: First, decide the color you desire. For example, if you wanted to create pink, you would need red polish and white shadow or vice versa. Next, combine two shadow and polish together in an empty polish bottle. You can customize the color as you please, making it as light or dark as you desire. Next, shake the bottle well to mix the pigments. Remember, you can always add in more shadow to achieve your desired color. For an extra touch of glam, add some glitter from a local craft store and shake. Congrats, you’ve created your own version of GlamPaint polish!

EBONY: Did you launch your business via Instagram?

AH: Yes, I did! Instagram can give you great exposure and support from fellow girls who love nail polish just as much as you do. Through social media, I have connected and made friends with wonderful nail artists—it’s an underground society. Not only have I gained loyal customers from the app, but also I was able to launch my website and execute giveaways and contests. It’s a fun way to stay connected and up-to-date on all the latest trends!

EBONY: Could you tell us about your thermal colors?

AH: Glampaint Lacquer will be launching the Thermal Polish Collection in May. The concept is that the polish will change in color as the temperature changes from cold to warm or even hot. You can layer the thermal colors with other colors or wear it by itself.

Minajiah Scott