This week we caught up with Becky Carter of The Brow Lady in Scottsdale, Arizona for the latest favorite trend she created. 

The Trend: Black is the new classic when it comes to fall manicures. As a backdrop for nail art, black creates a clean canvas to make any color pop. We love the golden glitter and cheetah print designs on this equally fabulous matte-finished manicure. It works great with your summer/fall transition ensembles, and even serves as inspiration for Halloween. Check out the details below.

EBONY: How did you create the look? 

Becky Carter: First, I used black soak-off gel polish on four nails. (Editor’s Note: You can opt for a gel-like black nail polish like, Butter London in Union Jack Black ($15;

Using gold acrylic paint, I free-hand painted the heart and cheetah prints. For the glitter nails, I applied a clear top coat then sprinkled on loose glitter. After curing the gel, I brushed off the excess glitter. I then used a fine paintbrush to free-hand the lines on the accent nails. I finished up by applying a shiny top coat to the glitter nails and matte polish to the others. Try our favorite, OPI Matte Top Coat ($9.00;

EBONY: Do you have any tips for creating neat free-hand designs? 

BC: I have found that if you are painting an object and want a smooth outline, to make it even, paint the entire shape with the desired color you want your outline to be. When you “fill in” your object, you can bump as close to your outline as you can. You’ll have a smooth outline without having to try and draw it yourself.

—Minajiah Scott