It's Mani Monday! This week, we caught up with Vanity Projects’ Raquel Nevarez, a.k.a. Raqstar Nails, for her henna-inspired manicure.

The Trend: Love henna tattoos but don’t want the commitment? This manicure is the perfect alternative. We love the beautiful array of autumn shades and fun golden decals paired with the trendy negative-space technique. You’ll love it too! Check out the details below.

EBONY: How did you create this design?

Raquel Nevarez: After you’ve applied a base coat to all 10 fingers, paint the two accent nails with a warm yellow polish. We like NYX’s Nail Polish Salon Formula in Banana ($4.00). Using a dark jade polish, like Revlon's Nail Enamel in Posh, ($4.99) paint half of the nail bed of the remaining nails.

Return to the yellow accent nails. Using a make-up sponge, sponge the nails with the dark jade and a reddish brown to create a gradation. To do this, paint the ombre effect directly on the sponge exactly how you would like it to look on the nail, and then sponge it on the nail at least twice. Once you’ve achieved the ombre affect you’re pleased with, return to the “halved” nails and let the ombre dry completely.

Apply striping tape and studs to the “halved” nails any way you choose. I did two parallel lines of striping tape, and then created a lower-sized “T” shape with studs. Once your ombre has dried, using a striping brush, free-hand a henna design on the accent nails using black nail polish. I used a henna picture I googled in front of me for my reference. Apply a top coat and you’re done! Go show off your awesome nails!

EBONY: Could you share some of your Raqstar-nail tips?

RN: Nail art is a way to showcase your personality on your nails. Why not think outside the box and get nails inspired by a pattern you loved on a new scarf or an image from the cover of your new favorite book? Even if French is your favorite nail design, there are so many ways to make French new. Go for it!

—Minajiah Scott