From runway inspirations to one-of-a-kind designs, our picks are sure to keep you up on your nail game while giving you the 411 on how to recreate many of the looks yourself. This week, we caught up with fashionista-turned-nail pro Tee for the dish on her original hamsa-inspired design.

The Trend:

The hamsa sign has been widely accepted as a sign of protection to ward off the evil eye in numerous cultures. Typically styled on bracelets, NYC-and Florida-based nail pro Tee took the trend straight to her nails. Check out her step-by-step tips below to get the look at home.

EBONY: What tools do you need to create this design? 

Tee: All you really need to have on hand is a dotting tool, which you can find at your local beauty supply store. You can even purchase one for a fraction of the cost via eBay.

EBONY: How can we achieve this look at home?  

Tee: First, make sure that your nail bed is thoroughly clean. I’d suggest using pure acetone to clean off the surface of the nail, removing traces of any old lingering nail polishes. Next, I applied Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Polish in Pacific Blue ($2.60; in two coats. Allow your nails to dry fully before adding any nail art. Once the nails are dry, use a dotting tool (as outlined above) to add the dots in sequence of color starting with white, followed by blue and finally black. As the last step, add your favorite topcoat and show off your new nails!

— Minajiah Scott