The French tip has gotten a complete makeover, and we are in love! This week, our lovely colleague (and beauty lover) Hana Lee sent over her cute DIY black matte glossy French tip design. She just couldn't wait to gush over her obsession with this newest trend and we were all ears. This was a trial run of course, but Hana did such a great job, we had to post! 

The Trend:

Matte nails

The Inspiration

I've noticed that matte is the new nail trend (which I absolutely LOVE), so I wanted to do something that would incorporate a matte color but was more than just a singular color. 

What to use

I used my Sally Hanson Base Coat, two coats of OPI Black Onyx nail polish, then the Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat to make my nails shiny. After letting that dry, I taped the tips of my nails and used the Julep Matte Top Coat. The awesome thing about Julep Matte Top Coat is that is turns any color matte. (So you don't have to buy individual matte polishes!) 

Why she loves keeping up with nail trends

I love nail trends because it's a way to be fun and expressive, even if you work in a corporate setting. Plus I love the endless number of colors!