UK Nail artist Shea Moss of Shea’D Beauty spills the how-to on creating the quilted, textured designs she spotted in good ole' Londontown.

The Trend: Incorporating texture into nail art has sparked something in the nail world. Add some texture to your mani with this simple DIY for creating the perfect quilted design. Check out the details below.

EBONY: How did you create this design?

Shea Moss: I applied the base color in two coats. We like MAC Cosmetics Nail Lacquer in Skin ($16.00). For the splatter nails, I used a thin brush [and] poured black nail polish in a small shot glass with a small amount of acetone to thin out the color, giving it a watery consistency.  

Holding the nail, I tapped the end of the brush away from the finger, creating the splatter effect. For the quilt matte nail, I used a matte finish polish like OPI Matte Top Coat ($9.00) and allowed it dry for one minute. I then used floss to create the dented straight lines. For the Aztec nails effect, I used a nail art brush to freehand designs. 

EBONY: What’s the nail scene like in the UK? 

SM: The stiletto nails are currently the talk of the town. Neon colors are the trend at the moment, due to the summer sun! Nails have become a huge part of London Fashion Week and are usually a part of the models’ runway outfits.

—Minajiah Scott