This week, we caught up with Faniesa “Chemere” Mackey, of Nailed It Beauty Boutique in Nassau, Bahamas, for her “squarletto” nail art.

The Trend: Back before everyone was rocking fab nail art, manicure shapes were typically squared or slightly oval. Now, with the emergence of an entire nail design culture, nail shapes have become a niche of its own, as artists from around the world draw inspiration from each other. One of the most recent nail-shape trends is the “squarletto” tip, a combination of the popular stiletto nail and the classic square. Reserved for those who sport longer nails, this trend is a great way to add a bit more flare to your nail game. Check out the details below!

EBONY: How did you create the look? 

Fanesia Mackey: I started off applying a fresh set of acrylic nails with a squarletto tip. I applied two coats of Essie’s Haute as Hello polish ($8; on the index and ring fingers. Next, I applied two coats of Essie’s Miss Fancy Pants ($8; on the pinky, middle and thumb fingers. I accented with gold Swarovski crystals in different design patterns. I used a thin stripper brush to do the triangle tribal design using gold paint. To complete this set, I used INM Out the Door fast-drying top coat ($5.49;

EBONY: What are some of your favorite nail trends right now?

FM: Some of my favorite trends right now in nails are the squarletto nails and stiletto shape nails. It gives you a very different look than the regular square nails that have been trending in the Bahamas for years. Times have changed; I like how there are a few nail shapes that clients can choose from. Bahamians are really catching on to those looks. The nail scene in the Bahamas is at a high right now. They love the nail art and the fact that you can pretty much design anything that comes to mind on their nails.

—Minajiah Scott