This week, we caught up with nail artist Hai Nguyen of T and K Nails in Birmingham, AL for his version of the Chevron manicure.

The Trend: The Chevron, displayed as stacked, upside down v-shapes, is historically a symbol of protection. Today, the chevron designs have become increasingly popular in the nail art community as artists from all over have been putting their unique twists on this simple design. Whether you opt for flashy, eye-catching shades or subdued, neutral hues, the possibilities are endless. 

EBONY: How did you create this design?

Hai Nguyen: I created the design using a technique called a "Tape Mani,"  in which scotch tape is used to line off shapes or designs. The tape allows you to create very clean lines that make the design look almost flawless.  First, apply two coats of your neutral shade following a clear top coat. We like Essie’s ‘Not Just a Pretty Face’ ($8.50; .  Next, I cut a square piece of scotch tape and applied it with the point facing down and near the middle of the nail. I then used China Glaze in Kiss My Glass ($5.49; to paint the bottom portion of the nail to create the first "V." After that dried, I polished another coat of top coat. I then cut another square piece and taped it midway between the first "V" and the end of the tip.  Next, I polished a coat of OPI in Can't Find My Czechbook ($9.00; from the bottom of tape to the end of the tip and followed with a final topcoat.

EBONY:  What trend would you like to see stick around?

HN: Water marbling.   I love the technique and design possibilities, but it just hasn't "blown up" yet.