From runway inspirations to one-of-a-kind designs, our picks are sure to keep you up on your nail game. This week we caught up Instagram nail enthusiast Ronika McCaskill for her simple version of the splattered mani.

The Trend: Add a little controlled chaos to your life with this grafitti-esque splattered manicure. Splatter nail art is a great way to express your inner bad girl without the backlash. Have fun and raise a little hell with this fun DIY.

What you’ll need:

  • Small drinking straws
  • Paper plate

EBONY: How did you create the design?

Ronika McCaskill: I began by painting every other nail with two different base shades. We like Ginger and Liz Non-Toxic Nail Lacquer in Ivy League ($12.00) for a cool minty base. Before moving on to the next step, I waited five minutes for the base shades to dry completely. Next, I applied scotch tape to each finger around my cuticles to prevent an extreme mess in that area and to assist with cleanup. With the remaining shades, try CND Nail Colour in Electric Purple ($9.00) and Color Show Nail Lacquer in Navy Narcissist ($3.99). I used the brush to put about five drops of each color on a paper plate. I recommend using one color at a time because the polish dries quickly on the plate. I then took my straw, dipped it in the polish, aimed it at my nail. With the opposite end of the straw, I blew extremely hard. I repeated this step with each color, producing a splatter effect. Simple as that.

EBONY: What size straw would work best for this design?

RM: I used some store-bought regular straws, so absolutely nothing special. But I would recommend a smaller straw. Choose one that is larger than a stirrer straw but smaller than a regular straw. It's really a matter of trying different ones out and seeing what works best for you.

—Minajiah Scott