This week we caught up with NYC-based freelance nail artist and creator of “International Nail Art Day”, Mimi.

The Trend: On the runway and off, it’s all about the modern way to wear color. Neon and nude nail pairings are super directional right now. For spring, replacing darker colors is easy thanks to ultra-bright hues mixed with barely-there shades. The match-up is cooler than you imagined. Learn how this experienced nail artist embraced the best of both worlds with neons and nudes.

EBONY: What inspired the design?

Mimi: The inspiration came from seeing other abstract prints and designs. I wanted to combine the unique designs with bright colors. Pairing them with soft shades like nudes to make them pop even more.

EBONY: How did you create it?

Mimi: I started with a nude base, Diosa’s “Sneaky Sand.” I added neon orange (FlossGloss’s “Fastlane”) and neon green (Floss Gloss’s “Con Limon”), with alternating stripes and color blocking. I used a dotting tool and Stripe Rite Paint by It’s So Easy in Black and White. To seal the design, I used Seche ViteDry Fast Top Nail Coat.

EBONY: What is your artistic significance when it comes to nail art?

Mimi: I’m really known for crisp, clean line work, blending colors and abstract creations. I’ve also received recognition for creating International Nail Art Day. It’s a holiday dedicated to uniting nail artists and nail art lovers around the world. The holiday falls on the first Saturday of August, which means this year we’ll celebrate on August 2ndMy hope this year is to reach over 100 countries and link more people for their love of nail art.

– Loren Lee