Who doesn’t love a mani or pedi? From the runways to the everyday woman, there is always a need to keep your fingernails and your toenails maintained. The world of nails is always evolving with new nail polish colors, graphic prints, do it yourself (DIY) nail art, and trends. Lust worthy nails is something Coco & Crème can’t live without.

There is an abundance of ways to step up your nail game from mixing up classics to do it yourself artistry.

Ombre Nails

All you need is two different shades of nail polish to accomplish this look. Apply a base coat and the base color towards the cuticle. Make sure the nail is completely dry before using a makeup sponge to slowly apply the second color to the tip of your nail.

Glam Out

Want nails with an ultra-shine? Minx nails will be your best bet. Usually, minx nails are with sequin all over or with chrome holograms. Minx nails are applied in salons like a sticker and set under a heat lamp.

Alternative Colors

Who says your nails have to be the same color? Create a color story on your nails by painting your nails in different shades and hues. When you can’t decide which nail polish color you love the most, this is a fun way to use all your favorite shades together.

Reverse That French

One of the most common nail styles are French tips. For a more modern twist, you can flip this classic nail style. Instead of applying the white French tips to the ends of your nail, try applying it towards the cuticle and apply the color at the tip.

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