This week we caught up with Casandra Lamar, a freelance nail artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Casandra loves what she does and we think it shows! Her latest textural design that caught our eye proves pink can be more than pretty, and is always appropriate during the month of October. She found a way to add an edgy touch to a manicure fit in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Black rhinestones and black polish with a leather-look finish bring the edge, while an ombre glitter technique keeps things feminine.

Read on to discover more about this manicure and learn more about the nail artist behind it.

EBONY: How did you create the design?

CL: For this particular design, I used Tammy Taylor Acrylic Nail Powder in “True Pink” for a fill-in. Young Nails Imagination Art Glitters mixed with Tammy Taylor in “Clear Acrylic” for the ombre glitter nails. The ombre glitter nails are sculpted, no tips allowed. For the black nails, I used Nails Inc’s “Alexa Leather” polish. Don’t use a topcoat over this particular polish because you will lose the desired effect. For the pink color, I used Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy in “Card Shark.” Then, I topped it off with black rhinestone arrangements.

EBONY: What do you suggest to your customers to promote healthy nails and growth?

CL: Healthy nails come from habitual actions. Drinking plenty of water, pushing your cuticles back (while wet) and constant moisturizing of hands and cuticles are a great start.

Find more nail art by Casandra Lamar on Instagram @Ramalnails.

Loren Lee, Freelance Beauty Contributor