This week we caught up with Sashanie Gray, a freelance nail artist based in South Florida. Simplicity is the name of the game this fall and Sashanie got the memo! We love her linear design done in moody blue, clean nude and with a pop of gold.

Read on to discover how to recreate this manicure and learn more about the nail artist behind it.

EBONY: Sashanie, what inspired the design?

SG: I wanted to keep the design modern and linear, with a tad bit of whimsy.

EBONY: How did you create the design?

SG: I created this look by first applying two coats of nude polish. To create the dark center stripe, I made one steady stroke from the cuticle to the free edge. I then cut 2 pieces of striping tape equivalent to the length of the center stripe and placed each piece of the striping tape on each side of the bold stripe. You can really have fun with recreating this design by changing the contrasting colors and color of the striping tape.

EBONY: Any favorite upcoming fall trends? Or colors?

SG: This fall I’ve really been inspired by the colors of military garb: navy blues, camo greens, nudes and ash grays.

EBONY: What do you suggest to your customers to promote healthy nails and growth?

SG: Healthy nails and nail growth start from within. The saying you are what you eat is true. Healthy nails are hydrated, moist, and flexible. In order to achieve and maintain hydrated, moisturized, and flexible nails, they key is to make sure you are drinking your recommended water intake, and consuming your good fats such as nuts, avocado, and fish oils. You may also include topical agents such as cuticle oils, skin moisturizers and skin conditioners  containing vitamin e, lanolin, and or glycerin.

View more designs by Sashanie Gray on Instagram @SashanieGrayNails.

-Loren Lee