This week we caught up with Casandra Lamar, a freelance nail artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Every October we’re looking for new ways to show our support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. With pink manicures popping up all over the place, we’re impressed by this subtle design. A bit textural and completely chic, this pink mani stuns with marble accent nails.

Read on to discover more about this manicure, plus learn more about the nail artist behind it.

EBONY: Casandra, what inspired the design?

CL: My desire to learn the marbling technique.

EBONY: How did you create the design?

CL: For this particular design, I used Hand and Nail Harmony Gelish Gel Polish in “My Nightly Craving” (pink) and “Arctic Freeze”(white). I used a marbling technique for the accent fingers.

EBONY: What do you feel is your artistic significance when it comes to nail art? 

CL: What I bring to the manicure table is a better understanding of procedures and products used during manicure services. You will be surprised at what you think you know.

EBONY: What is one piece of advice you'd give to aspiring nail artists?

CL: For aspiring nail artists, never give in and never give up! Practice and let your mind run free!

View more designs by Casandra Lamar on Instagram @Ramalnails.

Loren Lee, Freelance Beauty Contributor