This week we caught up with Lynette Swain, a South Miami-based freelance nail technician and an instructor at the Hollywood Institute of Beauty and Careers.

The Trend: A majestic dream catcher manicure channels good dreams and good vibes only. According to Native American culture, a dream catcher’s woven web traps nightmares while good dreams are allowed to pass through. With a steady hand, nail artist Lynette drew each intricate detail of the dream catcher onto the nails of her client. Intersecting yarn, glossy beads, and dangling feathers all made a life-like appearance. To ensure the dream catcher design truly stood out, she incorporated the negative space effect that provided a clear canvas.

Read on to learn more about this dream catcher manicure and the nail artist behind it!

EBONY: Lynette, what inspired the design?

Lynette Swain: My customer wanted a design dealing with a dream catcher and I had an idea in mind. I added my little magic with a negative [space] effect to spice the design up a little.

EBONY: How was the design created?

LS: For the bases, I used “Turned Up Turquoise” by China Glaze and “Taupe-less Beach” by OPI. To create the negative [space] effect, I used a flat size 10 acrylic brush. Or, you can use tape to get the same effect if you don’t really feel like cleaning the nails [with nail polish remover]. To create the lines of the dream catcher, you’ll need a very fine design brush. I used acrylic paints to create this design (I find that acrylic paints work best for me).

EBONY: How did you become a nail technician?

LS: I became a nail technician straight out of high school. My drawing technique I developed as a child soon came in handy, [regarding] my artistry skills as a nail technician.

EBONY: What advice would you give to aspiring nail technicians?

LS: Well one good piece of advice I can give to an aspiring nail technician is to never give up. Keep practicing your nail art. There is always room to grow in the field or whatever you do in life. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Check out more designs by Lynette Swain on Instagram @netta2hot.

– Loren Lee