This week we caught up with Ami Vega, a freelance nail artist based in New York City. One of her latest nail art creations, a gilded chevron design, is chic and simple for fall. A neutral base is pointed in the right direction with a pretty, golden triangle accent. Done with almond nails for a soft, feminine feel, we can’t wait to rock this modern classic all season.  

Read on to learn how to recreate this chevron manicure, plus discover more about the nail artist behind it.

EBONY: Ami, what inspired the design?

AV: The client was really happy about her new length and shape, while I wanted to elongate her nail a bit. By creating a long chevron design in the middle of the nail, I was able to give the illusion of an even longer, elegant nail.

EBONY: Step-by-step, how did you create the design?

AV: These were done in gel polishes, but I can refer to [accessible] polish colors for readers:

1. Apply two coats of “Tate” by Formula X. Allow it to dry for two minutes.

2. Using a nail art striper brush and “Torque” by Formula X, paint a thin line from the center bottom of the nail and stop two-thirds of the way up. Next, starting at the base again, paint a diagonal line upwards to meet the top of the first line. Repeat on the other side and fill in the triangle.

3. Apply a topcoat for ultimate shine.

EBONY: How did you become a nail artist?

AV: I've been doing nail art as a hobby since I was a teen. I've been a professional nail artist for almost 4 years now.

EBONY: The chevron design is a popular trend right now. How do you keep up with nail art trends? 

AV: Fashion Week is a key place to follow all the up-to-date trends.

EBONY: Any favorite upcoming fall trends? Or colors? 

AV: Metallics! I’m absolutely obsessed with all the different finishes coming out. Specifically, metallic gel is a godsend.

EBONY: What do you suggest to your customers to promote healthy nails and growth? 

AV: Moisturize and gentle filing. These two things are either ignored or overdone.

Check out more designs by Ami Vega on Instagram @Amivnails.

Loren Lee, Freelance Beauty Contributor.