Nana Meriwether, who is a former Miss USA, was inspired to create a low-alcohol, botanical wine while studying herbalism, the ancient tradition of studying how plants and herbs serve as healing agents. Inspired by her studies, she was sitting under a tree in Costa Rica when she dreamed up Navina, a botanical, low-alcohol wine alternative, that is sophisticated in taste, better for you and can be enjoyed socially. 

Now Meriwether is one of the few Black winemakers in the country and she uniquely combines her understanding of herbalism with winemaking. Her process includes infusing traditional premium wine grape varietals with herbs known to be healthful and apoptogenic including hibiscus, medicinal mushrooms and marigold flowers. Made in Napa, the wine is also vegan, gluten-free, and is free of GMOs and artificial flavoring. Compared to traditional wine, Navina is lower in alcohol (4.5%-5.5%abv), sugar (only 0/4-0/2 per 5oz serving), and calories (50-67 calories per 5oz serving). 

Meriwether says consider this your "weekday wine" when you have an early morning or just want a healthier alternative to sip while socializing. 

Image: courtesy of Navina

Navina Hibiscus Wine, $25,

Made from organic Hibiscus flowers, the palette is raw, clean, and tart as Hibiscus flowers characteristically are. Notes of wildflowers and dark cherries also permeate this dry Herbal Wine. 

Image: courtesy of Navina

Navina Marigold Flower Wine, $25,

This herbal wine is derived from organic Marigold Flowers. The palette here is smooth and bright with notes of pear, apples and earth.