Self-described “song stylist” Nancy Wilson sat down with co-host Deborah Crable to discuss her music career and family life during an episode of the EBONY/JET Showcase in the late 1980s.

The interview highlighted the release of her 1988 album, Nancy Now!, which marked a change in her musical style.

Wilson acknowledged the transformation, stating, “The biggest difference I think are the synthesizers and the technology.”

She also shared what remained the same about her recording process.

“I’m still going in where I’m still able to record live. I don’t like to track too often. I prefer being there while it’s all done. I’m still the kind of artist where it’s all discussed before it’s done.”

When asked about accomplishing her dreams of sustaining a musical career and a family, Wilson said she was able to it by surrounding herself with people who cared about her.

“I can sing for you because of my family,” Wilson concluded.

The singer died Thursday in her California home at the age of 81.

Watch the full segment above.