Supermodel Naomi Campbell, 53, is known for gracing high-fashion covers and absolutely slaying runways with her signature walk. But, she also has a second career—mom. On June 29, 2023, social media was a blaze with the news that Campbell recently welcomed a baby boy into her world, her second child overall.

“My little darling, know that you are cherished beyond measure and surrounded by love from the moment you graced us with your presence. A true gift from God” Naomi Campbell wrote in an Instagram post. “It’s never too late to become a mother.”


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As of now, the still stunning 50-plus-year-old has not revealed how or when her daughter or baby boy were born. For her, all that matters is that they are both healthy and happy—the wishes of any parent.

While she hasn't shared many photos of her firstborn, she has shared in interviews that becoming a mother has been one of the best things she's experienced. She's also been very supportive of other women seeking motherhood, also previously sharing that it's "never too late to become a mother."

"I always knew that one day I would be a mother, but it's the biggest joy I could ever imagine. I'm lucky to have her and I know that," she said in a 2022 interview when asked about her first child. "I'm telling them all, do it! Don't hesitate," she added when asked whether she encouraged older friends to become moms, too.