When most think of Black History Month, they picture honoring our heroes of the past. And while the month—and if we're being honest, all year—is certainly reserved for that, we also take time to spotlight Black men and women taking up space in industries not always created for us. Since the pandemic, home decor and design have become increasingly popular as folks seek to get their aesthetic just right. Vogue fashion editor and overall NYC "it girl" Naomi Elizée can relate.

As someone who knows a thing or two about all things Black luxury, she's doing her part to highlight some of the trendsetters in Black design right now. Elizée recently teamed up with luxury online marketplace, 1st Dibs, for a thoughtfully curated collection of amazing home interior—and fashion—pieces offered by Black sellers in the brand's worldwide community.

“When it comes to my interiors, I want it to feel calming, easy and not too busy since my day-to-day is already chaotic as it is," she shares. "I want to be able to come home and easily decompress without it feeling too busy. This can be seen in my curation with 1stDibs, a lot of my larger furniture picks are cream and white, while the vases and light fixtures are where I choose to add color.” 

Of course, when it comes to your personal home aesthetic, there is no right or wrong. As most interior decorators will tell you—much like Elizée shares—it's all about how you want to feel when you walk into your home or space. You should always aim to make your home a reflection of you, no matter how you choose to decorate it. If you're looking for a fresh revamp, or you simply want to support Black sellers, here are the tastemaker's top picks.

21st Century White Travertine Stone Coffee Table
"There’s something so special to me about Travertine. I own a travertine dining table that, although it has a few cracks here and there, it adds to the character of the piece and the room," she shares. "With this Travertine Coffee Table, what drew me in were the details and indentation on the legs. Something I haven’t quite seen before!"

Price: $4423

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Humberto da Mata
ORGUS Floor Lamp N.03
"Initially, I was drawn to this piece because of its bright yellow color and interesting shapes, only to then continue reading and learn it is also a floor lamp. This lamp is so unique and one-of-a-kind that would definitely be a conversation starter for when guests come over."

Price: $5487

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Mathieu Mategot
Mid-20th Century Re-Edition Tropique Dining Chair White Frame
"This chair is for me to manifest a backyard for me to put it in! I am a huge fan of pieces from Mathieu Mategot as I love how timeless each piece is and can easily be passed down for generations if well taken of. Not to mention, these chairs are both durable and can easily elevate any space."

Price: $997

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