Queensbridge Houses in Queens has just proven that it is possible to cease violence within the community.

The houses are one of the nation’s largest housing projects and is celebrating the fact that they’ve survived a year without a shooting.

The peace increase is due to the city’s 696 Queensbridge coalition, which provides city-funded security in the form of lights, cameras and police protection, NBC New York reports.

696 Queensbridge is comprised of six members dedicated to helping secure the 96 buildings that make up the Queensbridge houses, also known as the stomping grounds of EBONY Power 100 honoree and rap legend Nasir “Nas” Jones.

The emcee shared the following message in an Instagram post:

“QB got such a bad name. But it’s a loving community with great people. Finally some good news. This is a great start. If Queensbridge can put the guns down then Every hood can do it. Keep the Peace in every Hood! #chicago #bronx #statenisland #queens #harlem #brooklyn #detriot #atlanta #philly #ohio #losangeles #everyneighborhoodworldwide LETS BUILD!”

Residents of the community can feel the difference and share that for the past year, they have been able to walk around without fear.

Watch the full report, below.

Hopefully, this news spreads and encourages more people to put down the guns and seek more constructive approaches when it comes to adversity.