Joseline Crowns Herself a Pop Icon like MJ, Dogs Tamar Braxton 

So apparently, Joseline Hernandez thinks she’s on the same level as Michael Jackson—yes, legendary, Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, multiple Grammy winning, diamond-selling, worldwide pop king Michael Jackson. All because little girls dress up like her for Halloween. (Guess that makes maids pop heroes too… looks like you’re on the same boat with your homegirl MiMi, Miss Joseline.)

Her MJ status explains why she and Stevie J are under the impression that everyone wants to jump on her bandwagon. A few days ago, when a fan asked Stevie MiMi’s position when he dated rapper Eve, he replied “baby Joseline.” (I mean, the skripper turnt singer did say MiMi wanted to be like her on LHHA’s reunion). Now the Puerto Rican Princess is claiming that Tamar Braxton is another little hater who can’t sell records and wishes she had bad bish status like the world renowned pop diva. I don’t know what it is, but it’s clear that Joseline’s butt and boobs aren’t the only things inflated.

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Rihanna Sued for Skipping Out on $150K Bill for Her Grandma’s Funeral

Rihanna really has an obsession with dropping it low, no matter the occasion. A funeral home sued the pop star for bailing on a $150K bill following the big shing-ding she orchestrated for her grandmother’s funeral last June. The company claims she ordered colossal floral arrangements, huge tents and multimedia screens, all to celebrate the life of her gran Clare Brathwaite b.k.a Dolly. RiRi claims the bill was excessively high, so she opted not to pay it in full. This coming from the diva who blows stacks making it rain at the strip club and spends Lord knows how much on booze and sticky icky? Girl, you know you could have paid that bill off with one show. Quit playing!

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Nas Raises Money for Homeless Father of Seven

Nas is showing these MCs what it really means to be about that life. After hearing the story of a father of seven who lost his home to a fire, the rap vet started a campaign to collect $20K for the single dad in hopes of helping him and his children put a down payment on a new house. To assure his fans he’s really behind this, he wrote a short inspirational note that ended with, “This is real. It is me. I’m putting in $5,000 myself. Never done something like this, but I have faith that our American community can pull together a miracle for this strong family who needs our help right now.” Nasir vowed to throw in another $5,000 if his goal was reached. Now that’s a real soldier. How much harder can you get?

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