Another one of the best rappers alive has recently paid Nicki Minaj her dues. Nas recently went on the record with XXL, stating that the leading lady of Young Money is "the only female doing it." Apparently still super geeked about having been asked to feature on Minaj's new album "Roman Reloaded," he went on to call the song on which he, Young Jeezy, and Tyga are featured on the "perfect record." 

"You got some new ones out here doing it—Azealia Banks, Iggy Azalea—you got them,” Nas said. “But since we don’t hear much from Eve, Kim and Foxy these days, nobody can’t front, Nicki is representing. To be on her album, that shit was crazy.”

With all of the drama and hype circulating female rappers nowadays, thanks to Minaj's sudden come up in the rap game and, now, in the pop world, many have begun to claim their allegiances. Yet, drawing lines in the sand will most likely lead to the weakening of these ladies' power as a united front. Seeing as how each newcomer has been adding her own unique flair and style to the rap game, perhaps male rappers have begun to feel threatened by the burgeoning success of these younger and more commercial artists.