While performing at Under the Bridge in London, rapper Nas exclaimed to the 600-plus attendees that he would like to "make love one more time" to his ex-wife, Kelis. The New York native tongue was in the middle of performing his song, "Bye Baby," which details the end of their marriage, when he told the crowd that the song is dedicated to his ex-wife, and even shared with the crowd the details of an intimate text message he sent to her a few days ago.

In the message, he told the crowd he wrote, "I can't like to y'all, I text her the other day, and I told her… Can we just make love one more time?" With fiery couples such as Rihanna and Chris Brown rumored to be on the mend, should Nasir and Kelis give their relationship one more try, or is this just a bit of stage-induced TMI?