The family of a mentally ill Black man who was fatally shot by a California sheriff’s deputy in November 2015 has been awarded a hefty compensation of $33.5 million by a federal jury.

According to the Daily Press, attorney Sharon Brunner, who is a member of the legal team that sued San Bernardino County and the deputy on the family’s behalf, said “the evidence was so clear” regarding the case and verdict.

Nathaniel Harris Pickett Jr. was suspected of hopping a fence, providing a false name and trespassing when San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Deputy Kyle Woods shot him twice.

According to Woods, Pickett refused to comply with verbal commands.

Lawyers representing Pickett’s parents presented a contrasting account to Woods’ account, providing a 45-second surveillance video from a motel camera that doesn’t show Pickett being resistant at all.

Instead, the video shows the man running away through a corridor from Woods, eventually tripping and sliding to a halt. Woods is seen attempting to subdue and handcuff him as he scoots away.

An unidentified civilian is then seen running up to the scene as Woods shoots Pickett in the head twice, according to reports.

The federal jury awarded the compensation to Pickett’s family on Wednesday.