Today is National Beer Day. There are so many Black-owned breweries around the country who are changing the game and the way our community looks at ales, IPAs and more. Celebrate the end of the week and check out these Black-owned breweries either in person or whereever you purchase your favorite brews.

Harlem Brewing Company

New York, New York

Delight in the rich heritage and soul of Harlem when you throw one back. Having evolved from its humble origins of being produced out of a studio apartment, this brewery has been going strong for over two decades.

Weathered Souls Brewery

San Antonio, Texas and Charlotte, North Carolina

Weathered Souls Brewery became popular in 2020 for its "Black Is Beautiful" cans. The company also made a documentary about the success of this movement.

Crowns & Hops

Inglewood, California

Crowns & Hops embodies the energy of Inglewood in every can, no matter where you are. It was created to level the playing field and create equity within the craft beer space.

Crue Brew Brewery

Raynham, Massachusetts

If you're in the area, be sure to check out this family-run brewery. Crue Brew Brewery boasts a robust set of offerings, including amber ales, dark, roasted, malty stouts and rotating seasonal brews.

Urban Roots Brewing

Sacramento, California

Founded in 2018, Urban Roots Brewing has curated a lively environment with its joint brewery and smokehouse venue. Savor smoked meats while you throwback a strong stout.

Hip Hop Heads Brewing

Atlanta, Georgia

Enjoy a cold brew while indulging in the beauty of our culture. Hip Hop Heads Brewing marries friendship, beer and the richness of hip hop all into one.

Turner Häus Brewery 

Chicago, Illinois

Located in Chicago's South Side, Turner Häus is a microbrewery that champions beer lovers and home brewers alike. The company's owners pay homage to their ancestors by naming each beer after women in their families.